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7 top benefits of country living

Summer sunset with a red barn in rural Montana and Rocky Mountains

Are you ready to escape the stresses of city life? Here are 7 reasons you should consider country living.

  1. Cleaner airLiving in an environment with fewer homes and a smaller population means there are fewer pollutants that could be harmful to your health. This is especially important if you are raising children, or suffer from chronic asthma attacks. Country living is also ideal if you work from home or run a home-based business.
  2. A safe havenFor those looking to live in a safe environment, rural areas are havens. Crime rates are generally lower, and neighbors are more willing to look after you.

    In fact, the number of violent crimes in rural areas was only half the number of those in urban areas in 2015. Cars are also four times less likely to be stolen in rural areas.

  3. Home prices are lowerIf you find it difficult to find an affordable home in the city, then you might want to look for houses for sale in the country. Home prices are relatively lower than those in urban and suburban areas. This makes it more likely for you to actually own your home instead of renting one.

    So if you are looking for inexpensive living in a relaxing location surrounded by nature, the town of Twisp in Washington State just might be the place for you.

  4. Less stressThe fast-paced life in the city can be exhausting and potentially harmful to your mental health. In fact, living in the city puts you at greater risk of developing psychological problems. These include anxiety attacks, mood disorders, or worse.

    Country living offers a calmer and more relaxing alternative. With a less hectic life, there will be no need to worry about daily urban stresses like traffic jams and pollution. The country’s wide open spaces, clean air, and lots of greenery can go a long way in reducing life’s pressures.

  5. More privacyIf you want more privacy in your life, then consider getting a home in the country. You will have no trouble finding time for yourself with fewer people around.
  6. Outdoor recreationWhen living in the country, outdoor recreation can just be outside your doorstep. Instead of having to look for a park in the city, the outdoors will conveniently be all around you. This makes it easy to go camping, hiking, and fishing.
  7. Easy access to organic foodThere are not many Whole Foods branches out in the country. Instead, what you will find are several farms where you can buy organic produce like eggs, fruit, meat, and vegetables. They are also generally lower-priced than in urban areas because you don’t have to pay for the cost of processing and transport. This makes it a lot easier to switch to a healthier diet.

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