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The best kid-friendly attractions in Winthrop

The best kid-friendly attractions in Winthrop

Winthrop is well-known in Okanogan County and the entire Methow Valley for being a great community for families of different sizes. Diverse housing options, top-notch schools, and last but not the least, a wide variety of kid-friendly attractions, further boost this reputation.

If you are planning a day out with the kids, consider the following places and activities in and around town.

  1. Shafer Museum

    A Winthrop landmark, Shafer Museum is dedicated to everything about the Old West. The buildings that make up the complex are part of the local history, with some of the oldest dating back to the late 19th century. The centerpiece is “The Castle,” a log cabin built by Guy Waring as a grand gesture to appease his wife, who didn’t want to return and live in town.

    Shafer Museum offers a rare opportunity for visitors to experience pioneer life. On display are a wide variety of antique farm and mining equipment, old photographs and automobiles, and more.

    Shafer Museum is located at 285 Castle Avenue, Winthrop, WA. It’s open daily from 10 AM until 5 PM.

  2. National Fish Hatchery

    At first glance, the Winthrop National Fish Hatchery might not look like the usual family-friendly activity. On closer inspection, however, the facility proves naysayers wrong. It sparks plenty of interest, especially among kids.

    The National Fish Hatchery is a 42-acre site located just outside of Winthrop. Visitors (including pets) are invited to take guided or self-guided tours. The best time to visit would be between May to late August, when visitors can view returning salmon and trout. There is also a 34-mile hiking and cycling trail located just around the corner.

  3. The National Fish Hatchery is located at 453B Twin Lakes Road, Winthrop, WA.
  4. Spring Creek Bridge

    Take the Susie Stephens trail south of Downtown Winthrop and it will lead the group to the beautiful Spring Creek Suspension Bridge. Right below, hikers can admire the crystal-clear waters of the Methow River rushing. During spawning season, visitors can even watch salmon deposit their eggs from the bridge.

    Spring Creek Bridge also provides a fantastic viewpoint for birdwatchers. On a good day, you can take the kids out to try and spot bald eagles perched on the trees along the river.

    Spring Creek Bridge serves as the trailhead of the Susie Stephens trail. It is easily accessible from Downtown Winthrop.

  5. Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe

    Locals love Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe, whether they are young or young-at-heart. A beloved Winthrop institution, Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe has been serving homemade ice cream and candy for over 25 years. Recently, Sheri’s ownership changed hands, and the new owners, Tate and Kyle, are keen to continue the tradition. After all, they both grew up going to Sheri’s as well.

    Sheri’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 207 Riverside Drive, Winthrop, WA.

In Winthrop, kids thrive

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