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5 easy ways to improve your home

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If you accomplished home improvement projects this summer, congratulations! Here’s a list of some of the practical yet easy projects you may have tackled during the past season.

  1. Upgraded window treatments
  2. It’s easy to overlook how windows might help regulate your indoor temperature at any time of the year. Blackout curtains or motorized roller shades allow you to control the temperature and ventilation of your house day or night.

  3. Improved ventilation
  4. Still stuck with old ceiling fans? It’s time to retire them for new ones designed to improve the overall indoor air circulation of your home. If you can control it, you can also set up your ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise for a cooler breeze. Most of these fans are energy efficient also – good for your budget and the planet too.

  5. Clean up
  6. If it’s not too late, work with a professional to power wash the exterior of your home and clean out those gutters and downspouts too. Leaves, dust, and dirt may have accumulated on these areas. If you didn’t want them sticking around for the summer, you certainly don’t want them around when the colder months come around. Check your siding for algae, mildew, or moss. This will not only prevent future problems, but will also give your home a fresh feel.

  7. Replace filters
  8. Another quick home improvement trick that some people miss is to clean or replace their HVAC unit filters. Over time, dust, mold, and other allergens accumulate in these filters and may affect the performance of your air conditioning (AC) unit. According to energy.gov, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one lowers energy consumption by 5 to 15%. Simply look for the vents, unscrew it, and replace or clean the filters.

  9. Plant trees

While this one may take a bit more effort and patience, it is also a long-term investment. Significantly improve your home by planting shade trees. These trees are ideal for keeping the home cool during hotter days, not to mention enhancing your outdoor space. Arbor Day Foundation recommends planting deciduous trees or those with dense canopies on the east, west, and northwest sides of the house. These placements allow the trees to shade your home from the sun and possibly lower your AC cost by 35%. Coordinate with your local nursery for the best native trees to be planted in your yard.

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