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5 hot staging tips for a successful home sale in 2019

New modern house interior

Are you selling your home? Make sure buyers can envision their day-to-day lives in your home with just one quick look. This is where smart staging comes in.

Here are five excellent staging tips you can use to make your home more appealing to the Methow Valley real estate buyers:

  • Freshen up the bathroom

    The condition of your bathrooms can make or break your potential sale. If you can impress visiting prospects with pristine bathrooms, it becomes easier to make a strong case that the rest of your house is just as well-maintained.

    Quick and easy fixes like replacing your worn and grimy tiles and getting rid of mold buildup make bathrooms appear fresh and clean. It also helps to add lavish, spa-style touches like crisp white towels and dedicated scents.

  • Make the kitchen more inviting

    Buyers like to imagine themselves cooking and preparing sumptuous meals in comfort and style when viewing homes for sale. Consider these when you spruce up your kitchen:

    • Invest in new, stainless steel kitchen appliances. These eye-catching updates are always appealing to buyers.
    • Update your cabinetry and countertops. Freshen up worn cabinets through incorporating the color of the year with a fresh paint job or an elegant new stain. Meanwhile, make sure that your countertops are free from cracks and unsightly smudges. Otherwise, clean them up or get them replaced.
    • Check the plumbing. Just one leaky faucet or pipe can send buyers out the door. Be sure to have your plumbing checked and repaired ahead of your open house or private viewing.

  • Let plenty of light shine in

    Light is your best friend when you are trying to showcase your home’s best angles. Not only does light elicit a more pleasant mood, but it also makes your home seem larger.

    Open the curtains or blinds for daytime viewings and let ambient, natural light work its wonders in your living spaces. For dark corners and closets, have subtle lamps or light fixtures ready to keep everything well-lit.

    Adding mirrors around the house helps brighten your living spaces, too. The reflective surfaces help spread light around while also making spaces appear larger. Mirrors are especially useful for cramped hallways.

  • Showcase your outdoor spaces

    If your home has a patio or deck, flaunt it! Buyers will love the idea of having another spot on the property for private relaxation or a fun time entertaining guests.

    Freshen up your outdoor spaces by updating the woodwork with a fresh stain or paint job. Adding fresh plants, especially flowers in bloom, is another quick fix that can liven up your outdoor areas.

  • Boost your curb appeal to make a strong first impression

    Use your home’s curb appeal to wow interested buyers even before they take one step through your front door. A good first impression can set the right tone for the rest of the viewing.

    Tend to your front yard, power wash your walls and roof, and fill in cracks on your driveway and footpaths. Install or update your lights to accommodate buyers visiting during the afternoon or evening, too.

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