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5 Things to Know About Mountain Living

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There’s no place like the mountains to call home.

The mountains are a truly special place. There’s just something about the high altitude and picturesque beauty that makes mountain living unlike anything else. But, before you decide to make the mountains your home, you’ll need to know a few things about this lifestyle.

Here are 5 considerations for anyone thinking about making the switch to mountain living:

Be Prepared for Extreme Weather

If you’re new to the mountains, you need to be ready to face extreme weather.

Living in higher altitudes or between mountain peaks can brew up some intense weather conditions. It gets colder, windier, and rainier in mountain environments compared to sea-level locations.

Before making the move, you should read up on all the local weather hazards that affect your new neighborhood. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to prepare. Make sure your home’s emergency supplies are stocked so you’re ready to ride out the storm.

The Mountains Offer Unparalleled Access to Nature

Nature lovers adore living in the mountains and it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s hiking, rock climbing, or indulging in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, the mountains have it all.

Outdoor activities are always accessible, so whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation you’re sure to find both near your mountain home.

Get Ready for Captivating Views

Nothing beats the view from a mountain overlook. When you live on a mountain property, the views out your window act as your personal overlook. The mountains are full of wide-open spaces and sprawling expanses of land, so residents are surrounded by unbeatable views.

Don’t Forget to Account for Insurance Costs 

Living in the mountains can mean some added expenses – especially in terms of insurance coverage.

Homeowner’s insurance rates will likely be higher if you’re taking out a policy on a mountain home. In addition to the baseline policies, mountain homeowners are recommended to take out supplemental policies that protect against fire and flood. It’s always better to err on the side of caution, so make sure you’re taking these financial factors into consideration.

When it comes to moving into any new home, safety and security need to be a main consideration. Talk to one of our experienced real estate professional about your specific situation and see what policies they recommend.

Privacy, Peace, and Quiet

Even the most metropolitan mountain areas aren’t as crowded as urban cities. Mountain living is known for being a year-round vacation. Daily life is filled with peace and quiet, and it’s not hard for mountain residents to find privacy.

Land plots are usually larger, so it’s likely that your neighbors won’t be encroaching on your personal space. If you’re interested in seeing untouched land instead of houses and cars out your window, the mountains may be your paradise.

If you’re ready to start adopting the mountain lifestyle, visit our website to learn more about Coldwell Banker Winthrop Realty. Get connected with us to start looking for your next home. Our dedicated team of agents will be more than happy to assist you throughout the process!