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A guide to buying a pre-owned log cabin

Log Cabin

This beautiful, 4-bedroom log cabin for sale in Winthrop, WA features vaulted ceilings and a 2-car garage.

Log cabins offer a quaint and comfortable escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Unlike your primary residence, log cabins make for great vacation homes.

Before starting your search for the perfect place to call home from Winthrop, WA real estate options, read our handy guide that tells you everything you need to know about buying your very own log cabin.

Are the logs real or artificial?

See if the log home is built with real or artificial logs. Real logs are solid while artificial logs are made from siding, which contain log segments instead of complete logs.

Real log homes are usually more structurally sound and need less maintenance.  Real logs also make the home more energy efficient, in addition to imparting a rustic aesthetic.

Does the exterior finish protect it from the elements?

Exterior decoration is fairly common in log cabins because of the weather so make sure the stains and coatings are made to protect the log cabin’s surfaces from weather damage.

To check if the log home has a good finish, spray the outside lightly with water. You want the water to bead on the surface of the wood and slide off. If the wood absorbs the water, then the protective finish has worn off.

Check for dark spots on the logs as they could mean mold, mildew, or rot. This is common for overhanging logs above decks or garages.

When looking for a home inspector, make sure they are experienced in dealing with log cabins.

Is the cabin properly built?

Log homes are prone to shrinkage because the wood dries as the home settles over the years. If the home is properly built, shrinkage would have been taken into consideration during the building process. Signs of a poorly built log cabin are the following:

  • Bowing door frames
  • Windows that stick
  • Bumpy roof
  • Uneven stairs
  • Compressed pipes and wiring

Do you see entry and exit holes on the logs?

Be on the lookout for entry and exit holes because they could indicate that pests have burrowed into the logs. The typical pests log cabins harbor are termites and carpenter ants.

Ensure that there is ample foundation between the ground and the first set of the home’s logs to fight off pests. Some finishing stains and coatings do have pest-repellent properties but it is best to double check with the help of a home inspector.

Is the log cabin move-in ready?

Remodeling and renovating a log home is more complicated and expensive compared to a traditional single-family residence. The solid wood and interior logs of a cabin home make it more difficult to change and add on to.

Before starting your search, create a list of amenities and the features you want in your log cabin. Make sure the property you choose suits you sans the need to renovate.

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