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Best paint colors to use for kitchen cabinets

scandinavian classic gray kitchen

The kitchen is considered by many homeowners as the heart of a home. Not only is it the area where the family spends time together but it is also one of the popular picks for home improvement. Who needs to spend a fortune for a full renovation when a fresh coat of paint on the cabinetry will be enough to amp up the aesthetics and value of your kitchen?

Here are some of the expert-recommended paint colors for your kitchen cabinets.


A timeless choice, white is the easiest color to freshen up your kitchen cabinets. Offering a crisp, clean look, white is classic and the perfect neutral backdrop. This immaculate shade reflects any kind of light, whether natural or artificial. To bring more light to a dark kitchen area or to make your kitchen appear larger, white paint for the cabinetry will do the trick. White cabinets work seamlessly with any kitchen style – contemporary, modern farmhouse, or even Victorian. A backsplash, furnishings, and accents in bold colors can provide the perfect complement to your white kitchen cabinets.


Gray is a versatile color with a hint of boldness. As a neutral base, it can blend with any color and style. Use a gray palette in your cabinetry to provide a nice balance between it and other kitchen features set in more adventurous hues like vibrantly colored decor, flooring, or countertops. Moreover, gray hides dirt better than white and light beige, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. 


Ocean blue is a soothing way to introduce color without overwhelming the entire kitchen. Inspired by the sky and the ocean, the beachy vibe of this paint color brings a refreshing appeal to your cabinetry that emanates as you prepare and enjoy your meals. Pops of aqua will add luminosity to a kitchen that lacks sufficient light. On the other hand, if the area has plenty of natural light, this shade can make any kitchen sparkle. While it harmonizes very well with white, an ocean blue palette can also blend with accents in bright hues. 


Green kitchens are becoming the rage these days as more homes embrace nature elements in home interiors, Green on your cabinetry brings a sense of renewal to your kitchen. This color evokes a fresh, organic chic that is perfect for the kitchen. Whether you prefer a softer shade or a verdant or vibrant green, this earthy hue enhances the look and feel of kitchen cabinets.


A bit of gray, a bit of beige, greige is the result of this unconventional combination. From pastel to dramatic tones, greige on your kitchen cabinets gives a unique vibe. This color exudes graceful sophistication; in fact, it makes the perfect complement to marble, wood, brass, or white countertops, Greige cabinets also make an attractive contrast to white walls and other colors such as blue, green, and gray.

Whether you simply want a makeover for your kitchen or you’re preparing to sell your home, great ideas like this are sure to update its look and make your abode a nicer place to live in. 

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