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How to increase your home’s value in Washington State

Making improvements can help boost the value of your Washington State home. But not all Winthrop homes for sale are made equal – some have a higher return than others. Here’s how to increase resale value.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

According to Trulia, only two rooms sell a house: the kitchen and the main bathroom, or what they call “Buyer Hot Spots”. That’s why they advise sellers to focus on these rooms if they’re on a tight schedule.

These are the spaces where the most value can be added during the sale, which is why it’s worth investing in practical kitchen upgrades like high-end countertops, dual kitchen sinks, adequate lighting, and comfortable seating.

For the main bathroom, Trulia recommends installing modern soaking tubs and dual vanities to increase the value of your home.

Main bedroom renovations

It’s also worth investing in the primary bedroom to boost resale value. The bedroom serves as a sanctuary for buyers with busy and stressful lives. They want to be able to imagine the primary bedroom as a private cocoon that helps them relax and sleep after a long day.

To make the main bedroom more inviting, consider investing in plush carpeting, ambient lighting, and smart technology like a programmable thermostat to help them make their sleeping environment more conducive to rest.

Contractors can also combine two or three smaller bedrooms into a large primary bedroom. Talk to a contractor who can assess the layout of your home.

Specialty rooms

A 2019 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey found that specialty rooms are in high demand among millennial buyers, who make up one of the biggest segments of home buyers in the United States.

NAHB defines a specialty room as any room that isn’t a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen – spaces that are considered essential to any home.

Laundry rooms topped the list, followed by dining rooms. Other specialty rooms that made the list include exercise rooms, home offices, sunrooms, and mudrooms.

If you have the right layout, consider adding a specialty room. You can also convert a bonus room or unused space into a laundry area or private gym. The key is to work with a contractor you trust.

Curb appeal

First impressions do last, which is why it’s important to maintain the façade of your home. Remember to repaint the exterior walls, window boxes, front doors, and main gate. Invest in modern outdoor lighting fixtures in case prospective buyers pass by the property late in the day.

Trim the grass and keep the front yard clear of trash, clutter, and debris. If you have a green thumb, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your gardening skills. You can also work with a professional landscaping company.

Feeling overwhelmed? Focus on one room at a time. And don’t hesitate to talk to professionals who can provide expert advice on home renovations.

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