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Important Things to Do When Preparing to Sell Your House

Important things to do when preparing to sell your house

Between the record-low mortgage rates and the increasing number of people looking to move into the suburbs, there’s never been a better time to put your house on the market.

But while there are several factors working in your favor, selling Methow Valley real estate is never a walk in the park. To sell your house in the shortest amount of time and for the best price possible, take heed of these tips:

Boost your curb appeal

As trusted Winthrop realtors will tell you, first impressions matter a lot to buyers—and your curb plays a big role in making a positive one. The good news is that boosting curb appeal doesn’t require a lot of time or money. Even simple things like repainting exterior walls, replanting the lawn, pruning hedges, and power washing walkways can make your home more attractive to buyers.

Clean and declutter

A clean home isn’t just more inviting, it also gives the impression that it was well-maintained. And most buyers don’t want a fixer-upper property—they want a move-in ready home. Before listing your house, give each room a thorough cleaning first. Put rarely used items and other knickknacks into storage to declutter your home and make it look more spacious.

Go neutral

You may find red walls invigorating, but many buyers won’t be as fond of such a bold and bright color. Many home staging experts suggest repainting walls to a more neutral hue, such as off-white, grey, or beige. These colors give your home a blank-canvass feel, making it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in it.

Address repairs

Convincing a buyer to purchase your home isn’t easy, and a broken window or a leaking faucet won’t make your job any easier. If there are any obvious repairs that have to be done, address them now. Otherwise, buyers might pass on your property or they might use these issues as leverage during price negotiations.

Take high-quality photos

A report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 90% of buyers looked at properties online during their home search. Hence, the first time a buyer sees your home will likely be through your online listing and the photos attached therein. Hire a professional real estate photographer who knows how to emphasize your home’s positives while minimizing its negatives.

Simulate a walkthrough

It helps to view your house from the lens of a buyer, but it’s hard to give an objective assessment of your property if you live there. The solution? Call up a trusted friend and simulate a home showing with them. Doing so gives you a glimpse into how a stranger sees your home, and often unveils crucial flaws you might otherwise have missed.

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