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Methow Valley Community Farmers’ Market

Farmers market

Farmers’ markets are win-win events. Buyers get only the freshest, most wholesome food from its original growers: local farmers. Farmers’ markets also help reduce carbon emissions because serving local means cutting down on food miles.

Methow Valley has channeled farmers’ markets into successful events that have attracted people since 1905. These harvest fairs, as they were called then, showcased the best produce and crops in stores found in Twist and Winthrop.

Growing one’s own produce in big gardens made the people of Methow Valley survive the Great Depression. They didn’t rely on outside forces to feed themselves. Their self-reliance saw them through.

What to expect this year

This year’s Methow Valley Community Farmers’ Market continues this tradition of showcasing an extensive range of fruits and vegetables. Ongoing every Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon until October 29, the event, now on its 44th year, is being held at the Methow Valley Community Center parking lot along 201 Highway, 20 South Twisp, WA.

More vendors mean a one-stop shopping experience you can’t miss. Besides food growers, expect orchardists, bakers, beekeepers, artisans selling pottery, glassware, soap, jewelry, and other one-of-a-kind finds. Grab-and-go food vendors offer teriyaki, quiche, and other palate pleasers.

This year, vendors are accepting Electronic Benefit Traders (EBT) cards from Washington’s food assistance program. Consumers can trade EBT credits for tokens, which functions like cash.

Some of the participating vendors

  • Intertwined Designs
  • This 100 % handcrafted, organic-based clothing firm produces quality clothes for men and women. Apparel is pre-shrunk to make sure they look good all the time.

  • Saskatoon Kitchens
  • This nomadic catering firm offers customized menus using locally sourced products.

  • Burnt Ginger Studios
  • Choose from a wide range of durable, beautiful handcrafted jewelry for all occasions.

  • Emily Post Pottery
  • Make mealtimes extra special with unique, handmade tableware. You can even ask for a photo of the product before it is sent to you.

  • Willow Brook
  • This 12-year-old farm grows nutrient-rich certified organic produce. It also has cultured food products like handmade sauerkrauts, cultured chili sauce, black garlic, ginger sodas, and others.

  • Smallwood Farms
  • Fresh, local ingredients; breakfast of cage-free eggs and Washington potatoes; sandwiches assembled from house-made bread; meals that are slow roasted and smoked – Smallwood’s Kitchen has all these. It is proud of its locally roasted Blue Star Coffee. Al fresco seating is available.

  • Orchard House Donuts
  • Taste their small batch craft donuts made from scratch and see the difference.

  • Twisp River Grain & Mill
  • This first-generation farm at the edge of the Cascade Mountains began as a facility that feeds the community while boosting soil health. It is based on small-scale regenerative agriculture that harmonizes with nature. This zero-till farm includes rotationally grazed livestock. It shuns things synthetic. Pastured eggs and sourdough bread are some of its products.

  • Marracci Designs
  • They have been specializing in unique handcrafted gold and silver gemstone jewelry since 2005.

  • Cultivate Soap Co.
  • This maker of small-batch goat milk soap uses palm-free, organic ingredients.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the Farmers Market in Twisp yourself. If you’d like to check out the homes for sale in the community, call 509.996.2121 or contact us here. We’ll be happy to help.