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Small but effective updates to improve your kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why it pays to keep this part of your house clean, tidy, and always looking its best.

Sprucing up the kitchen does not have to cost a lot of money. There is no need for a painstaking remodel when you know the right small changes that can make a huge difference. Take these ideas, for example:

Hang some artwork

While the kitchen may not be the first room you would think of to display your favorite art pieces, there is nothing to stop you from hanging a few of them on your kitchen walls. Art can add warmth and a touch of personality that will liven up one of the most commonly used spaces inside your house.

Update the cabinets

The cabinetry installed in your kitchen is easy to overlook if you pay too much attention to your appliances, countertops, and finishes. But these are also the parts of the kitchen that can stand out the most with the right design tweaks.

Start with a fresh coat of paint or a new stain – depending on which finish fits your kitchen’s theme.

Are the wooden cabinet doors worn and showing their age? Consider replacing them with glass-paned doors. These will add charm and character to your kitchen, especially if you have a collection of antique or high-value kitchenware. Not only that, the clear panes will make your kitchen appear larger than it is.

Last but not least, check the hinges if they are starting to creak or hitch. Maybe a good oiling is all they need; otherwise, it might be smarter to replace them with new and sturdier ones.

Keep it bright

Light does wonders in making spaces come alive. Bright conditions create the right, pleasant mood for communication and bonding in one of your home’s most intimate spots.

Switch out small light fixtures for larger and brighter – as well as energy-efficient options. Pendant lights are a trendy style that will fit right into the Methow Valley home’s rustic kitchen aesthetic. Install under cabinet lighting to improve visibility under your overhead cabinets and cupboards, too.

Get creative with your backsplash

Most custom kitchen backsplashes are monochromatic and typically made of tile, glass, or wood. You can have a little more fun with this part of your kitchen. Try mixing tile shapes or add decorative pieces to an ordinary tile backsplash. Just make sure that the tiles are even throughout to avoid excessively textured or rough surfaces because they may be too hard to clean.

If you are considering going the creative route, consult with an interior designer to see what works best for your kitchen’s overall look.

Showcase distinctive architectural details

Updating the trim around your kitchen can instantly make a kitchen look more sophisticated. High-quality baseboards and crown molding, as well as stylish window and door casings are subtle but useful changes that can liven up your entire kitchen.

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