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The best birding locations in the Methow Valley

One of the highlights of the Methow Valley real estate is the plethora of excellent birding locations in the area. In fact, this part of Washington is renowned as one of the state’s best birding destinations.

Over 250 species of birds make their homes and migration stops here. One can only imagine the majestic chorus of birdsongs that greet residents and visitors every day.

Get to know the Methow Valley’s avian residents

With more than 200 birds seen in the Methow Valley, it is a difficult task to keep track of them all.

The Methow Valley is a choice destination if you want to watch golden and bald eagles soar to the sky all year round. Eastern kingbirds, Lewis’ woodpeckers, blue grouse, Barrow’s goldeneye, and gray catbirds are also frequently seen swooping up and down the skies, forests, and wetland areas.

To fully explore and experience birding in the Methow Valley, we highly recommend the following locations:

  1. Pipestone Canyon

    Covered by a lush coniferous and riparian forest, this two-mile gorge is a prime birding spot for violet-green swallows, canyon wrens, American kestrels, Nashville warblers, and Lazuli buntings, to name a few species. Golden and bald eagles also nest in the rock formations in the area.

  2. Mac Lloyd Park

    Mac Lloyd Park is perfect for family outings and new birders. Spring and summer are the seasons for American goldfinches, violet-green swallows, harlequin ducks, and yellow-rumped warblers. In the fall, pine siskin join the fray.
  3. Sullivan Pond

    Spring and summer offer excellent birding in Sullivan Pond, surrounded by about 100 acres of riparian and coniferous forest in the Methow Wildlife area.

    Red-naped sapsuckers, Townsend’s warblers nesting in the willow and alder trees, vesper sparrows, yellow-headed blackbirds that hide among the cattails, and dusky flycatchers can be spotted during these months. There are also the occasional golden eagles and American kestrels in the fall.

  4. Washington Pass Overlook

    Situated deep in the North Cascades National Park, the Washington Pass Overlook is a prime spot to view alpine birds like Clark’s nutcrackers, pine grosbeaks, dark-eyed juncos, gray jays, mountain chickadees, and brown creepers, among other species. The Overlook trail itself is a scenic wonder, with old-growth mountain hemlocks and Pacific silver fir reaching towards the sky.

  5. Klipchuck Campground

    Located beside Early Winters Creek, Klipchuck Campground is one of the primary birding locations in the Methow Valley for migratory birds. Avian visitors include Swainson’s thrushes, Cassin’s vireos, Calliope hummingbirds, Hammond’s flycatchers, and MacGillivray’s warblers. They visit once the snow melts and can be seen from Early Winters Trail, Butte Trail, and Creekside Loop Trail.

  6. North Cascades Lodge/Audubon Trails

    A part of the Methow River flows into the North Cascades Lodge area, which covers approximately 22 acres of pristine forest dominated by tall cedars. Spring is the ideal time to go, when veeries, three different species of woodpeckers (hairy, pileated, and downy), and warbling vireos take the centerstage. If you hope to see the northern pygmy-owl, it is recommended to visit during fall.

Methow Valley real estate brings you closer to nature

Washington state’s best birding location is right at your doorstep here. Explore Methow Valley real estate with us. Call today at 509.996.2121 or send an e-mail to info(at)cbwinthrop(dotted)com.