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What are the best front door accessories?

old fashioned door knocker

The front door is a personal statement of your home that should ideally elicit the best impressions among guests and passersby, Accessorizing is a sure-fire way of enhancing your front door’s appeal. 

To inspire you, here are some of the best accessories you can use to dress up your front door.


Door knockers are great eye candy that adds character and personality to the entryway. There are several styles to choose from the classic ring design to a lion’s head or even unorthodox designs like pineapples or bumblebees. You can also opt for a monogram to give your door a personalized look.


House numbers serve both beauty and functionality. Your house number needs to be visible enough to be easily seen from the street. It should match the architectural style of the house and, at the same time, reflect your personal taste. If you want to go top-tier with the accessorizing, don’t settle for plastic materials. Classic brass and engraved plaques are timeless. For a touch of modern minimalism, go for silver, polished brass, or stainless steel. 


Decorative glass brings a luxurious touch to the front door as it adds both beauty and sophistication. Try beveled glass – a popular choice – for some Old World elegance. Stained glass or art glass will allow a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns to filter through your front door. But if you prefer a balance between aesthetics and security, privacy glass is a good option.


From vintage-inspired to contemporary, handlesets make a charming accessory for your door. A stylized front door handle is a silent promise to guests of the lovely interiors that are bound to enchant them as they enter your home. Accentuating the front door with a high-quality and functional handleset is worth the money and effort as it heightens visual appeal. The entire set comes with an exterior handle, a thumb-operated latch, and a deadbolt. 


Security doors not only deter intruders and unauthorized entry, but they also come in styles that don’t compromise aesthetics. For top-level protection of your home, go for a security door made of steel – a material known for strength and durability. This also has an advanced locking mechanism. If on a budget, secure your home with grills as these are the easiest to install, come in various designs, and can complement the look of your front door. 


Digital locks bring a smart and sophisticated look to your front door. Easy to install, these locks provide keyless convenience, control, and premium security for your home. They come in many designs and styles from rustic to sleek and futuristic. You can also control entry to your front door through fingerprint, pin code, or smartphone. Some smart door lock models even have auto-lock options in case you leave without locking, send intruder alerts to your mobile phone, and preset the date or time through the lock and unlock function on your device.

An accessorized front door brings your home exterior to a whole new level and scores high points on the curb appeal meter. Ultimately, the attention it generates will also reflect on your home’s value. Keep this in mind even as you’re still on the hunt for a new abode among the homes or condos for sale in Winthrop.

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