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Decluttering your home this 2019? Check out these Marie Kondo tips

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Marie Kondo has become a household name, thanks to her straightforward and detailed tips on tidying up the home. With spring-cleaning time fast approaching, you’d do well to get a pointer or two from this organization guru on how to keep your home neat and orderly in the most efficient way.

Here are some popular Marie Kondo ideas to consider.

  1. Discard the things you don’t need before adding more storage. It’s so much easier to simply stash things away instead of getting rid of them. This Marie Kondo tip says you have to go through each of your belongings and ask yourself if you truly need or want it. If the answer no, then that item has to be discarded. It’s a longer process, but in the end, it will give you more storage space without having to add any. It will also allow you to see at a glance how much you truly have and if you need more of something.
  2. Keep only the things that “spark joy” in youThis famous Marie Kondo line can be interpreted in many ways, depending on how an item “sparks joy” in a person. In determining if you should keep or discard something, one of the things to ask yourself is if the item brings you joy. Perhaps this best applies to objects without a clear useful value, such as an old book, a souvenir from a trip, or a gift. You should only keep the items that make you happy in some way.
  3. Have the right place for everything. This will help you find the things you need more quickly while minimizing clutter. It’s especially useful in areas that you and your family frequent, such as the entryway. Put in place baskets, shelves, and trinket dishes where items that are used often can be stored. These include keys, bike helmets, magazines, even shoes. Label baskets so everyone knows where everything should go.
  4. Get rid of unnecessary paperwork. Many of us are guilty of stashing receipts, paper bills, old warranties, and other paperwork, and then forgetting about them. A few months or years later, they become part of our clutter. As Marie Kondo points out, most paperwork can now be found online so keeping these sheets is pointless. Don’t wait months, even days, before getting rid of paperwork. Dispose of it as soon as possible.
  5. Store things vertically. The benefit of this Marie Kondo practice is best seen in storing clothes. Instead of piling your clothes into a tower, stack them side by side in your drawers. This is not only space saving, it can also help you save time as you can immediately take stock of what you have and find what you’re looking for. This method keeps you from buying more of the same type of clothing. The vertical arrangement works with other items, as well, such as the contents of your refrigerator.
  6. Bring small change with you. A common habit among many people is leaving small change around the house or storing them in a piggy bank. Marie Kondo recommends taking them with you in your wallet. This not only helps avoid clutter in the home, it also lets you put the money in good use.

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