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scandinavian classic gray kitchen

Best paint colors to use for kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is considered by many homeowners as the heart of a home. Not only is it the area where the family spends time together but it is also one of the popular picks for home improvement. Who needs to spend a fortune for a full renovat...

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old fashioned door knocker

What are the best front door accessories?

The front door is a personal statement of your home that should ideally elicit the best impressions among guests and passersby, Accessorizing is a sure-fire way of enhancing your front door’s appeal.  To inspire you, here are some of ...

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process of laying parquet boards

The therapeutic benefits of heated floors

Stepping onto heated floors during the winter season is luxurious comfort. Heated floors, also known as radiant floor heating, is becoming a popular feature in smart homes. HOW DO HEATED FLOORS WORK?  The concept of heated floors ...

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jumping on river

5 health benefits of living by a river

Owning a riverside home is more than just a fulfillment of your dreams – it's also the gateway to a healthier lifestyle.  Here's why:  Sleep better Just looking at a body of water can clear the mind of unwanted thoughts. What if...

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nurturing garden

How to protect your garden in the winter

During the coldest months, don't forget to tend to your plants the same way you take precautions to stay warm. In spite of how your garden seems to be dormant as the weather cools and the ground freezes, there's still a lot going on beneath...

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holiday snow

How to prepare your home for the changing seasons

As the seasons change, so should the maintenance of your home.  Here are things you should look into to make sure your home stays in good shape all year long, saving you time and money in the long run. Winter Drain and turn off...

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4 Common real estate scams and how to avoid them

Make sure you don't fall victim to a scam while buying, renting, or refinancing a home. We’ve listed four of the most common real estate scams, along with tips on how to avoid them. Fake listings and rental scams Target: Uns...

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Holiday decorating tips: Which rooms to paint and what colors to choose

Are you hosting this year's party? Make your home a festive place for your family and friends! Here are some ideas to help you decide which rooms need the most attention and what colors to use for your next holiday home makeover. Choosin...

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Family-friendly things to do in Winthrop, WA during the holidays

Throughout the year, Winthrop has stunning scenery and amazing attractions. During summer, residents and visitors can head to the parks and hiking trails, and in winter, there’s a plethora of ice and snow activities. Here are some of the ...

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House on Red Arrows

Latest real estate market trends in 2022

Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties works to keep you updated on the latest Washington real estate market data to help you in your home buying or selling forecasts. Below, you’ll find five of the most important trends affecting Winthro...

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